The Benefits of Right Food

Food is one of the basic human needs. It provides us with a source of fuel and nutrients for our bodies. During mealtimes, good food helps people to bond and enjoy themselves as well. Food helps you to fight off disease by making your immune system strong. There are many types of food. These fall into two general categories namely processed food and organic food.

Organic food

Organic food is that which has been grown without any chemical additives. Examples of these additives are pesticides, hormones or antibacterial chemicals. The people who grow organic food only use natural methods to stimulate growth. This makes the food healthier to eat. Organic food also contains more vitamins than other types of food. The growth process of the organic food is natural. Thus the food blooms at its own pace and is not rushed by chemicals.

This makes the vitamin and nutrient content in it to be a lot higher than if it was rushed. Organic food also has more antioxidants. They protect the body from diseases. They do this by promoting the health of cells. Food that has been grown with the influence of chemicals often has residue from these chemicals after harvesting. Even after cooking, this residue is retained. Thus, when the food is consumed, the chemical residue gets into the body.

Despite the chemicals often being harmless, some people can get affected by them and react to them. Also, they can accumulate over time resulting in disease. Organic food does not have chemical residue. Thus, it is healthy to eat and has not adverse effects on health.

Types of right foods

There are many types of right foods that one can eat. Fruits and vegetables are some of these. These foods have been proven to have the highest amounts of nutrients per calorie. The nutrients in these types of foods help the body to fight off cancer and heart problems. Moreover, vegetables have less sugar content when compared to many other types of foods. Thus, eating them prevents one from developing sugar related diseases and conditions.

Fiber is good for the body. It prevents one from developing heart disease. This is because fiber helps to control cholesterol and triglycerides. Fibers also assist to control one’s intake of calories. Thus it helps a lot for people who seek to lose weight. By doing this, the conditions necessary for heart diseases are eliminated. Examples of foods with high fiber content are oats, rye barley, beans and raspberries. Eating lean meats and white meat helps to keep one healthy too.

These are reliable sources of protein and essential acids such as Omega 3. These foods help with healing and maintenance of muscle and tissue. There are fats which are healthy to consume. These are unsaturated fats. These are found in vegetable oils. They improve cholesterol levels and prevent heart disease.


Eating right means consuming nutritious, organic foods in the proper amounts. By doing this, one can greatly reduce the chances of developing life threatening diseases like cancer. Moreover, there is a wide variety of healthy foods that one can choose from. As such, it is very important to ensure that one eats right and lives right. In addition, when you are focused on right food, fruits and vegetables you don’t need to use appliances like microwaves or food processors.

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